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Power in Violence

According to our diagnosis, carried out in all municipalities in Szydlowiec coutny, the problem
of domestic violence is considered as ”very big”. The social situation in the county encourages violence, as relatively low level of completed education, high unemployment and poverty lead to frustration, alcoholism and as a consequence, contribute to domestic violence. These are proven by data gathered by the County Family Support Centre in Szydlowiec (Powiatowe Centru Pomocy Rodzinie).  In the district there are: 145 parents with limited parental power, 127 minors under the supervision of a probation officer, 12 families in which legal proceedings for deprivation of parental rights are in progress and 20 children at risk of being taken from their homes and placed into foster care . Each year, on average, the Police carries out 145 domestic interventions and initiates the same number of “Blue Card” (*Niebieska Karta) proceedings. In 2012, there were 154 domestic violence victims covered by “Blue Card” procedures, among who were adults as well as children. To help reduce the effect of this negative phenomenon it is necessary to increase the range of aid through advisory services, support groups and creation of a specialist center of support with a 24 hour stay for domestic violence victims.

The aim of this project is to:

  1. Reduce domestic violence
  2. Improve protection for victims of domestic violence and increase accessibility of available help
  3. Increase the efficiency of intervention and corrective measures towards people using domestic violence.

Expected results:

  1. Establishment of a specialist center of support with sleeping arrangements for domestic violence victims
  2. Improved skills of domestic violence victims in how to behave in crisis situations
  3. Improvement in domestic violence perpetrator’s approach towards life

Project results:

  1. Establishment of Domestic Violence Intervention Centre (Ośrodek Interwencji Kryzysowej) with sleeping quarters for 9 domestic violence victims
  2. Counselling for 60 victims affected by domestic violence
  3. Participation of 15 domestic violence abusers in the program of corrective interaction

Project target groups:

  1. 45 adults affected by domestic violence
  2. 15 teenagers affected by domestic violence
  3. 15 domestic violence abusers

The people above were chosen on the basis of situational analysis in Szydlowiec county as people who are:

-                 affected by domestic violence

-                 domestic violence perpetrators

-                 in need of professional care as a result of their life situation

The County Family Support Centre in Szydlowiec (Powiatowe Centrum Pomocy Rodzinie) is carrying out the project without any partners.

*Niebieska Karta – notification of domestic violence incidents